Initially, when we set this up, we charged €25 per table in each virtual table quiz. We felt that because it’s not ‘the real thing’ (i.e. in a local pub), it was appropriate to charge lower.

However, from dealing with various clubs and organisations, here is why we believe €40 is more appropriate (with one caveat, outlined below):

  1. The club/organisation gets the local bar for free, and the bar owner makes their money on drinks they serve on the night. In The Horan Stand, the club has to pay the venue owner (i.e. us) from the team entry fee.
  2. In a bar, the club also has a raffle option, generating further revenue potential. That doesn’t apply here, so all the more reason why they have to make sure the entry fee works well for them. A club needs to make money to keep their activities alive – if they don’t make money, they’ll stop running virtual table quizzes.
  3. The virtual table quiz offers an opportunity for families and friends worldwide to meet up – and feedback so far is that people really value it.
  4. We keep late hours – because we can. People wait on for hours after the quiz finishes, chatting and shooting the breeze.
  5. Players encounter no additional costs on the night – they don’t have to go to the bar, they don’t have to buy a raffle ticket.
  6. Clubs are offering good prizes.

However, there could be one caveat – single teams (i.e. people who register just one device, which generally denotes one person or members of one family) could still enter for €25.

We’d welcome your thoughts on all of the above.

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