When you registered, you got an invite to a Zoom meeting. Follow that and you will arrive at the appropriate bar for you. If you are wondering what bar your team is in, see below.

Single device means that all team members are sitting together in the same location (e.g. a family group). Multiple devices means that the team is made up of members from different locations (e.g. one in Galway, one in Dublin, one in London etc).

The Front Bar

  1. The Quizards of Oz (single device)
  2. Grealys Dublin (single device)
  3. Comer’s Classy Crew (multiple devices)
  4. Team Meabh (single device)
  5. Wil Mooney Team (single device)
  6. Zoe Gleeson Team (multiple devices)
  7. Lorraine Geraghty Team (single device)
  8. Nyree Hill Team (multiple devices)
  9. Derek Carlin’s Team (single device)
  10. The Four Shcans (single device)
  11. Joni Kay Team (single device)
  12. Hannah Moran ‘The Rebellion’ Team (single device)
  13. NJ Grealy’s Super 3rds 04/05 (single device)
  14. Catherine Collins Team (single device)
  15. Grealys of Galway (single device)
  16. Grumpy Old Men (multiple devices)
  17. Team Pibbin (single device)
  18. Maria King Team (single device)
  19. Roisin’s Team (single device)
  20. The 49ers (multiple devices)
  21. Let’s get Quizzical (single device)
  22. Tony Curling Team (single device)
  23. The Cobh Pirates (multiple devices)
  24. Lud @ 38 (single device)
  25. David Lyons team (single device)
  26. David Grealy’s team (multiple devices)
  27. Yvonne McKeon team (single device)
  28. Dixit’s Dodgy Crew (multiple devices)
  29. The Heery’s (single device)
  30. Sean Duignan Team (single device)


The Back Bar


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