Table Quizzes at The Horan Stand – FAQs

If you have good IT skills, you should work your way down through this list. If not, please call us on +353 94 95 57010 and we will guide you through. These phone lines are always answered in the hour leading up to, and during, an event. You can also log a callback by emailing 


Table Quizzes at The Horan Stand are a combination of two elements – The Venue (Zoom or Remo) and The Quiz (just like table quizzes are in the ‘real’ world too).

The Venue - Zoom or Remo

If you’re attending an event in  Remo, here is a guide: troubleshooting guide here.

You can also scroll further down this page to read more about Remo.

If you’re attending an event in Zoom, here is a guide. Most people are quite accustomed to using Zoom now, whereas Remo is new – hence we have greater detail down this page on Remo.

The Quiz

The Quiz derives from a platform called Riddle – you won’t notice that as much. You don’t have to log in there, it is served up to quite seamlessly to you by us.You can scroll down this page to the Quiz FAQs.

The Quiz FAQs

We build The Quiz on a platform called Riddle – you won’t notice that as much. You don’t have to log in there, it is served up to quite seamlessly.

The team captain enters the team on the special event page we publicise before each Quiz. The captain gives the name and email addresses of all team members, and undertakes that they have the authority to do so. Captain and team members all receive automatic emails with details of how to proceed.

This is not as simple a question as it might seem. First off, you can 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 people in a team.

We say five ‘people’ per team – but, in reality, all we can control is number of devices per team. For example, John may be a team member, but his friend Pat may sit in beside him at his own home, even just for a round of two. 

We have no real way of policing (to use an unduly authoritarian word). But we can ‘police’ the number of devices. If we see more than four devices logged in per table, we can ask one to leave.

In reality, it’s 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 devices per team. 

If for some reason my link The Quiz doesn’t work, let us know in The Venue. We will get a replacement link to you. Don’t use a link from another member of your team – it might let you answer the questions, but it won’t count your score. Just one person can work off a link.

It can vary from Quiz to Quiz, but we tend to favour five rounds of 15, totalling 75 questions.

Again, it can vary from Quiz to Quiz and question to question. You will be notified of the allotted time on screen each time you click on a question. Our default setting is 25 seconds.

We give you the answers shortly after everyone has completed the quiz.

This is served up on your screen after every round. We use multiple choice in all questions and that makes checking instantaneous. This does have the impact of not giving a team member that glorious ‘I pulled one out of nowhere’ feeling, as the right answer is on the screen in front of you, along with the three wrong ones. But it does make it possible to check the answers quickly in a remote/virtual setting. It’s different in a pub where you have a table of checkers who can make allowances for spelling etc. That’s just not feasible in this setting.

You can try – if you wish. However, every Quiz will have a number of google-busting questions – enough to ensure that the true buffs can win the day. Our time limit on each question is also designed to minimise its influence. Google has become a problem for quizzes in pubs and also on line.

Our Google Police move from table to table during the quiz – you don’t want to pulled over by them.

We see comparisons between a major city marathon and a table quiz: huge numbers may participate, but only a few really have a chance of winning. Our theory is that in a Quiz of, say, 69 questions, the winners and losers may be decided by just ten questions. We strive for a balance in our quizzes that allows all-comers to enjoy it – and the ‘best’ teams to slug it out for the top prize.

A bit of both. You do The Quiz on your own device, inputting your own answers – and your team-mates all do the same on their devices. In effect, all of you are doing your own individual quizzes – and then all of your totals are added together and divided by the number of people on your team who complete the quiz. This will produce the team’s final score.

So, if you have three people on your team, and you each score 81, 75 and 67 respectively, we add those three together (81+75+67=223) and divided by three to give you a final team score of 74.33.

If you don’t complete the quiz, you are removed from your team’s scoring. So if you were part of a four-person team, and you fail to complete, we simply reduce that team to a three-person team, add up the scores of the three who completed, and divide by three.

If you must, you can (perhaps your other device crashed). However, when you go to the new device, you must restart with the link from the original email that you started with initially.

Ideally, try to avoid changing device.

We hold a tie-breaker. All will be revealed when we reach that point.

Yes, in a standard pub table quiz, each team would have one answer sheet. We like to replicate the pub table quiz format as best we can here, but, during trials, the ‘one answer sheet’ approach proved to be impossible. If the captain had that sheet, and their internet was bad, or they were called away for some reason, the whole team was left out in limbo.

Broadband and device connectivity is never fully guaranteed. Thus, to avoid the captain’s problems infecting the rest of the team, we decided to give every team member their own ‘answer sheet’. At the end of the quiz, the system adds up the final totals for each of your team members and divides it by the number of team members to give you your team’s final score.

If a player doesn’t complete the quiz, we just exclude them from the count (i.e. if you started with four players, but one lost connectivity or was called away during the quiz, we add up the scores of the remaining three players and divide by three).

There are a number of other reasons why we settled on this approach after long – and often painful – trialling.

Circa 100 minutes. We take a short break aftere each round so you can chat and argue about the questions that have gone before and grab a refreshment. And when the quiz is over, you are welcome to stay at the table chatting to your team-mates – or go to other tables to visit people you know.

We announce the prizes in the days before a fundraising Quiz. Typically, these are organised by our partner clubs or charities.

For coporate or company quizzes, it is likely you will hear about the prizes from your local organisers – we will also announce them at the start of the quiz.

Remo - the Top 5 Points

1. Try to avoid using Internet Explorer to access The Venue – it nearly always causes trouble. Google Chrome is the best browser, in our experience. If you move location, you may enter a weaker broadband area and thus lose connection with The Quiz or, more likely, The Venue.

2. Try to avoid using smartphone or tablet to access The Venue – as a general rule, laptop and desktop are much better for The Venue. However, smartphone or tablet work perfectly well for The Quiz.

3. A good idea (but not essential) is to use one device for The Venue and another for The Quiz.

4. If you’ve enabled camera and microphone at the bottom of The Venue, but still can’t see or hear – it may be because you have Zoom, Skype or some other programme of that nature open in the background. See tests for IT elsewhere in this guide. 

5. Full The Venue troubleshooting guide here.

Remo - FAQs

The Venue is a platform called Remo – you will see this a lot as you have to log in there with an email and password that you generate yourself.

Full The Venue troubleshooting guide here.

You don’t need to download it – just sign up and register. It works in your browser so need to download.

Smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop all work. However, and this is important, a smartphone alone won’t get you through – in that case, you will need one device to enter The Venue and another to take The Quiz.

Our advice is to use the smartphone for The Quiz – and a tablet, laptop or desktop for The Venue. A smartphone is not fully reliable for The Venue.


  1. Check that your browser, hardware and internet connection fulfill our requirements on this webcam test page:
    Click here to test your hardware
  2. Test your camera and microphone
  3. If your camera or microphone does not work, here is The Venue troubleshooting guide here to help you resolve common issues.
  4. If your camera or microphone still does not work, go here and click on the “Need Help” button on the bottom left corner. Or contact 353 94 95 57010
  5. Locate yourself in a quiet place with a non-distracting background.
  6. If you’ve registered (using Save a Spot), watch this YouTube video for instructions on How to login and use Remo when the event is starting.

When you register – or your team captain registers you – you receive an email with a link to The Venue. You should register at The Venue well in advance of The Quiz – this step takes a few minutes, and you will have to check microphone and camera, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Then, having registered earlier, you should enter The Venue circa ten minutes before the publicised start of The Quiz. Again, to give you a chance to settle in and deal with any technological or other issues that may arise.

Catch your breath, take a look around The Venue and find your team’s table. All tables will be named. To join that table, simply double click on the name at the bottom of the table. The names / numbers are quite small but you should be able to enlarge your screen to see them better.

The Host/Presenter will speak at various stages. They will also guide you through the early stages of the event to make sure everyone has settled in fully.

You meet them at your table, as described above.

Yes, you should be able to see and hear your team-mates. However, there can be occasional technological issues – e.g. broadband, browser or device – that make it difficult or impossible for you to join your table. If this happens, consider turning off your camera and opting instead to just talk to your team-mates. Turning off your camera reduces bandwidth.

You can still do The Quiz even if you can’t see and hear your colleagues.

Full The Venue troubleshooting guide here.

Make sure microphone and camera are enabled at the bottom of the Remo screen. Go through the tests listed below. One common problem is having Zoom or Skype also open on your device – close both down.

Full The Venue troubleshooting guide here.

No, when you’re at your table, only your team-mates can hear the conversation. So you can chat away about questions or, during the breaks in the quiz, have a private conversation about whatever you wish.

If your broadband is not great, it can help to turn off other devices on the same network for the duration of the event.

Check to see have you two The Venue tabs open on your browser.

Full The Venue troubleshooting guide here.

Full The Venue troubleshooting guide here.

If that doesn’t resolve it, send a private message in Chat to the event organisers. We will deal with it ASAP. However, be aware that the responsibility for ensuring that you get to your table lies with you – we will help as best we can, but if your broadband is poor, or your IT skills are not great, we may not be able to resolve your issue.

Typically, we say two hours before a Quiz. We are working at bringing this time closer to the start of the Quiz. A key point of all of this, though, is that you shouldn’t just rock up at the last minute. Give yourself time to get sorted and settled.

Put a message into Private Chat on the table. It is important to use Private Chat rather than involving all participants in General Chat.

Or email or call + 353 94 95 57010. But before calling us, ask your team-mates if they can help. It may be an easy fix.

The platform works with a variety of browsers. If pushed, we would say that Chrome is the one it works with best.