We’ve got a Virtual Table Quiz every Saturday night, at 8o’c – open to all


Saturday, Feb. 27

Table Quiz and a Bitta Craic with Louisburgh GAA: HERE

Saturday, Feb. 20

No prizes, no entry fee – an introductory warmer-upper for the season: HERE

Does our club wish to co-promote an upcoming Saturday night quiz in The Horan Stand? Learn more
  • The format is the same every week
  • Start time 8o’c
  • 69 general knowledge questions – various types, including visual and audio. No sneaky uber-local questions – non-locals heartily welcome. The world’s a village these days anyway.
  • Teams of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 people
  • All participants in the team complete the quiz on their own device (ideally desktop or tablet).  To get the team’s score we simply divide by the number of players on the team. If you wish, read why we adopted this approach HERE
  • Time limits in place for each question – to curb Google’s influence…
  • Team members can be all in the same location (as long as HSE guidelines permit that), or they can be in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 separate locations. Either way, you all log in and meet up in our virtual private room where you can collaborate – provided all members of the team have good enough broadband and device
  • You may need two devices – check HERE
  • Entry fee: €25 per team
  • Duration – circa 90 minutes     – but you can also hang around afterwards for a chat with your team-mates or members of other teams.


User’s Guide & FAQs here

Learn more HERE about how your club or charity can become co-promoters for an upcoming quiz

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