Why we run the quiz the way we run it

In a standard pub table quiz, each team would have one answer sheet. We like to replicate the pub table quiz format as best we can here, but, during trials, the ‘one answer sheet’ approach proved to be impossible. If the captain had that sheet, and their internet was bad, or they were called away for some reason, the whole team was left out in limbo.

Broadband and device connectivity is never fully guaranteed. Thus, to avoid the captain’s problems infecting the rest of the team, we decided to give every team member their own ‘answer sheet’. At the end of the quiz, the system adds up the final totals for each of your team members and divides it by the number of team members to give you your team’s final score.

If a player doesn’t complete the quiz, we just exclude them from the count (i.e. if you started with four players, but one lost connectivity or was called away during the quiz, we add up the scores of the remaining three players and divide by three).

There are a number of other reasons why we settled on this approach after long – and often painful – trialling. Email events@thehoranstand.com and we will explain.

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