We can host your private, virtual Table Quiz

Table quiz and good crack!

You’re a sports and social club, or a work group, or a school, and you want to have your own private, virtual Table Quiz. A fun-raiser rather than a fund-raiser.

We make it easy for you to do just that at The Horan Stand.

We supply:

– Table Quiz questions, Quizmaster and our own fully integrated quiz software

– Maximum of five members per team

– Full IT support on the night

– The venue

The quiz can have 23, 46, 69 or 92 questions. You choose! It can be a fund-raiser (we will
help you sell it) or it can be a gathering of workmates, club or community colleagues
colleagues or fellow hobbyists.

Be social – attendees can move freely from table to table (apart from during the quiz!)

Think of our venue as the online equivalent of the physical venues you have used for previous events. It is a mix of the Main Hall and Break-out Rooms – this picture is of four people enjoying a night out in their own Break-out Room. You can also see the Main Hall with initials denoting people in the various Break-Out Rooms.

How does it differ from Zoom Break-out Rooms? It is more sociable (you can see the whole lay-out of the venue) and you can move freely from Break-out Room to Break-out Room (in Zoom, only the Host has the power to move you). Plus, in the Main Hall, our stage works really well for a singer, a mixologist, a chef or whatever else you’d like to run.

How it works:

  1. We put all the basics in place – venue, booking system, questions (unless your quiz master wishes to provide them); automatic checking and leader board; quiz master – again, unless you have your own local quiz master. We handle all that side of things.

Key features:

  • 1, 2, 3, or 5 members per team – unlimited teams
  • Slick operation with automated questions, checking and leader board
  • 25 seconds to answer each question – to curb Google’s influence…
  • Tech support
  • We generate promotional  material in your organisation’s brand – for circulation within your group
  • If you have specific question requests (e.g. a round on 1980s music or Irish sport), we can accommodate this
  • You can supply ‘local’ questions if you wish and we can incorporate
  • Prizes provided by you
  • You decide the make-up of the teams
  • A sociable event – we put the emphasis on fun
  • The venue is yours for 2.5 hours – attendees typically wait on afterwards for a chat


From €400 plus 21% VAT.

Next step

Email events@thehoranstand.com with ‘Private table quiz’ in the subject line. Or call us on +353 94 95 42965 / +353 87 9185 867. Or complete the form below. We will give you a run-through how the platform actually works.

Another quiz option:

  1. Quizzes to generate leads for your business – email us with ‘lead generation‘ in the subject line.