1. How does the quiz work? The best way of learning is to come along to a quiz (see Schedule HERE – just let me know which one you’d like to drop in on and I will send on the Zoom details). However, this EXHIBITION QUIZ gives you some idea of how it rolls.
  2. More details HERE: clubs get to see this early.
  3. What sales material does The Horan Stand have to sell to clubs? We have this POWERPOINT. We are currently finalising a promotional video and will share that here once it’s completed. We also have various emails outlining how the quiz can work for them. We need to finetune this a little. In our expereince so far, clubs have a lot of questions that we need to answer – as it’s a new concept, it can take them a little while to get fully attuned to it.
  4. How does The Horan Stand support clubs in their PR? We provide a press release, a poster and an information page on our website. We are also available to take part in Facebook Live promos they wish to do. More on PR HERE.
  5. How much can a club make? We’ve done some sums HERE
  6. What does a club focus on? Promotion and prizes.
  7. How have we promoted it to date? Mainly word of mouth, social media and by holding free Saturday night quizzes. This created the enquiries to date. We feel that targetting clubs that have a history of holding table quizzes is the next obvious step. People who have already attended a quiz are a good source of potential sales. If you wanted to give a club a free table at a forthcoming quiz, just let me know.
  8. Do the long evenings hurt? Perhaps a little. We can push starting times back later. Given that the pubs are still not open, the need for an alternative social outlet still exists.

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