Press release for the event: HERE

On this page, you can read the key detail you need to access the event

Event name: Oíche an Chlub & Success in Sport Webinar

Date and time: Wednesday, November 18, 7-9pm

Where: On Zoom (if you haven’t used it, check it out HERE (laptops and desktops tend to be more reliable than phones and tablets)

Get a ticket: email – this will generate an auto-reply email that will give you access to the event. This will give you access even if you turn up late

Doors open: 6.50pm. To make sure you don’t miss anything, please log on at this time.

Attendance cost: Free of charge

Guests: Liam McHale, Deora Marsh, Rachel Kerins, Fran Downey, Pat Conway, Colin Regan and Niall Dunne

MC: Liam Horan

Organisers: Ballina Stephenites and the Western Region Drug & Alcohol Task Force (WRDATF)

Recording: The event will be recorded and used for promotional purposes. Attendance will be reminded of this just before it starts


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