Treat this as a kind of showcase – or Exhibition Quiz – for how the questions are served to you during one of our Virtual Table Quizzes at The Horan Stand.

You will see the key elements of our quizzes – 25 seconds per answer, four answers to choose from for each question, 15 questions per round and five rounds in total.

However, what you don’t see here is the leaderboard which shows team scores, individual scores, round scores, the lot. That magic only unfolds at the Virtual Table Quiz itself,

Another point we’d like to make: in this exhibition quiz, we show you the answers after each question. At the Virtual Table Quiz, we show you the answers at the end of the night.

And feel free to share it far and wide as it will help to get people in the zone for the actual event itself.

The Exhibition Quiz questions and answers can be accessed below – more HERE on how you can attend or co-promote a Virtual Table Quiz at The Horan Stand

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