IT checklist and how to access your upcoming event

This guide is divided into two parts – A. How to get into your event; B. What to do when you’re in.

If you have good IT skills, you should work your way down through this list. If not, please call us on +353 94 95 57010 and we will guide you through. These numbers are always from an hour before an event through to the end. You can also log a callback by emailing

A: How to get into your event:

  1. Book your seat for the event by clicking on the link you’ve received. This involves giving your name, email and creating a password (make sure to keep that, you will need it later).
  2. You will need reasonable broadband/wi-fi (circa 8mbp/s upload and download speeds) to join this event. If your broadband is not great, it can help to turn off other devices on the same network for the duration of the event. More on broadband HERE
  3. Mobile phones or tablets don’t work great – you really need a laptop or desktop. A mobile phone or tablet may work for a few minutes, but then drop. It can be very frustrating. We are working with the software developers to improve this, but, for now, best get to your laptop or desktop. 
  4. If you have broadband or device issues, you may need to look at relocating to a location with better broadband or getting the loan of a different device.
  5. To get the full networking experience, use camera and microphone on your computer. You can see people, people can see you – it all helps to generate better conversation.
  6. Some organisers hold ‘warm up events’ in the days leading up to the event. We recommend you get to this as it will help you to maximise your enjoyment of the event. This is particularly relevant in networking events that involve people moving from table to table on a schedule.
  7. The platform works with a variety of browsers. If pushed, we would say that Chrome is the one it works with best.If you are getting a white screen, it is probably a browser issue. Your browswer may not be up to date. Try to update your browser, or, if you’re not on Chrome, move to Chrome within the same device, or go onto another device with Chrome on it.
  8. Firewalls can be an issue. Read more HERE
  9. Check that your browser, hardware and internet connection fulfills our requirements on this webcam test page:
    Click here to test your hardware
  10. Check that your browser, hardware and internet connection fulfills our requirements on this webcam test page:
    Click here to test your hardware
  11. If your camera or microphone does not work, here are troubleshooting guides to help you resolve common issues:
    My camera and microphone does not work on Windows 10

My camera and microphone does not work on MacOSX

  1. If your camera or microphone still does not work, go here and click on the “Need Help” button on the bottom left corner.

  1. Locate yourself in a quiet place with a non-distracting background.
  2. Watch this YouTube video for instructions on How to login and use Remo
  3. When the event goes live, you should be good to go.

See you inside the event.

  1. What to do when you’re in
    1. It will probably take you about five minutes to figure out how it works. We will be in the venue to help you during this time. Plus, further down this page, you can see the video we’ve created that shows you the ropes.
    2. First off, you will see various Rooms/Tables with names / numbers on them. The names / numbers are quite small but you should be able to enlarge your screen to see them better.
    3. Pick the Room / Table that interests you – or if you have been assigned a Room / Table name / number beforehand, go there there.  Double click on the Room / Table name / number (on the actual text of the name / number) to enter. If the Room / Table is full, you won’t be able to enter.
    4. You will be able to talk with people in there. If a facilitator has been appointed to your Room / Table, they will introduce themselves when you arrive.
    5. The Host/Presenter will speak at various stages. They will also guide you through the early stages of the event to make sure everyone has settled in fully.
    6. If you want to ask the Host/Presenter a question, simply click the Raise a Hand button.
    7. If there is more than one floor in your event, you can will see them listed on the left hand side of the venue. Numbers (e.g. 1, 2, 3) will indicate the floors – you click on the floor you wish to get to. Please note, during some events movement between floors is restricted to certain times (e.g. if attending a networking event, the organisers may only wish you to move between floors when everyone in the venue is moving tables, rather than at a time when everyone is in rooms doing some actual networking. Organisers will advise this on the day).

  1. Ir your event encourages / obliges you to move from Room / Table to Room / Table, it can take a couple of seconds for your position to be updated. Be patient with that, it will come around – and, if not, just message the Presenter / Host through the chat.