It’s the most coveted ticket in online socializing this Covid-19, and already 25 regulars have received it – we’re referring, of course, to The Horan Stand Gold Card.

“Since opening last month, we have built up a steady stream of people who enjoy socialising at our Friday Night Out, In event, and they have spread the message all around the world,” said Liam Horan, host at The Horan Stand.

“Accordingly, they have been given The Horan Stand Gold Card which entitles them to exceptionally few benefits, but has quite the social status. The main benefit, however, is that they do not have to reserve a table every Friday night – it is done as a matter of course for them.”

Bestowal of the Gold Card is entirely at the discretion of the management of The Horan Stand, which is building up an excellent repetition as a leading venue for social events, workshops, training, reunions, and other family, community and business events.

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