Update – October 28, 2020 : We haven’t done this in a while, but we’re having a pop-up night this Friday (October 30)

When: Friday night, October 30, 9.20pm to 11.50pm (Irish time)

Resident musician in The Horan Stand, Frank Foley

What: A night out, in. Chat with friends and perfect and imperfect strangers. Reserve your own table/room of up to six people or simply mingle. Or both. There will be a few songs along the way too from various musicians, including resident crooner Frank Foley. Kick back and relax. Some have eaten dinner together at Friday Night In, Out. It’s your time, you’ve earned, shape it as you will.

On the door: Zero

To book:

a) If you wish to book a table/room: One of your group emails the table name to events@thehoranstand.com – and all of you, including the person who sent the email, go to b) below and register individually. Then, on the night, after entering the venue, you go to the table/room.

b) If you just wish to reserve a seat for yourself (or to join a table/room on the night, as outlined in a) above), register HERE (even if you’re a regular, you have to re-register each week).

c) At some point before the event, read the IT Checklist to make sure you are good to go.

This week’s sponsors: Sli Nua Careers, career training agency
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