We use the words ‘device/devices’ and ‘person/people’ interchangeably.

For the purposes of pricing, you need to think about devices.

If all of your team intend to sit together at one location, gathered around one device to complete the quiz, you are therefore a ‘single device’ team. This generally (but not exclusively) means you are part of one family, and we we offer the ‘single device’ rate to this cohort so that quizzes are not too dear for one family.

If your team is spread out over a number of devices (one in Galway, one in Dublin, one in London – even if one of your team wishes to take part in the quiz while the rest of you are downstairs), yo are deemed to be a ‘multiple device’ team. You are charged the ‘multiple device’ rate as the cost can be spread out over the entire team.

You will be automatically offered the right prize for your entry type as you go through registration.

Please note that each team entry is paid by just one card. So if you are a ‘multiple device’ team, payment is made by one player and you make your own arrangements to reimburse that player privately, if necessary.

Any queries on pricing, just contact events@thehoranstand.comĀ 

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