Results of last night’s Virtual Table Quiz in The Horan Stand, co-promoted with Corinthians RFC, Galway – and we had a local winner with Comer’s Classy Crew, regular competitors in the virtual table quizzes at The Horan Stand, finishing strongly to win by just over two points. 


1 – Comer’s Classy Crew, 67.4pts (out of a possible 75) – Yvonne Comer, Sylvia McDonagh, Annette McDonagh, Regina Doyle and Beibhinn O’Brien. 

2 – Grumpy Old Men, 65.2pts – Declan Costello, John Geraghty, Noel Lydon, Paul O’Brien and Adrian Joyce. 

3 – Derek Carolin’s Team, 60pts. 

Quiz prizes sponsored by Nyree Hill, Yvonne Comer, Greg O’Braoinain and Pearce Flannery.

Raffle winners: Ciara O’Flynn, Nyree Hill, Regina Doyle and Dermot Moran. Raffle sponsors: William Johnstone, Kieran ‘Flash’ Faherty, , and Colleran Locksmiths.

Early Bird winner: Kevin O’Flynn. Prize donated by the Moran family.

A total of 30 teams took part. A particular word of thanks to Yvonne Comer and John Mulligan of Corinthians RFC who worked tirelessly to organise the event so that people could get together and have a bit of fun. 

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