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Because you want to meet up with people, socialise, have a laugh, maybe talk about business, share ideas and feel alive.
The Horan Stand is the venue for you.

Across the top of this page, you will see the events we run – public and private Table Quizzes, Workshops and Meetings.  Contact us to see how we can run of these events for you.

And, the great thing is that the technology works. It’s almost as good as being in the same room – and certainly does the trick when you just can’t be in the same room. And you save yourself the hassle of travel, parking, food and accommodation.

It’s a really effective workaround when you simply can’t be in the same room.

All you need is a camera and a microphone.

We run two types of events

Public Events

  • Anyone can join.
  • These are themed events (football nights and tech afternoons, for example).
  • Sociable in nature. Grab a coffee or a beer and enjoy the company of like-minded people.
  • Most are free.
  • See upcoming public events here.

Private Events

  • This is your own event.
  • You decide who to invite and what you want to do.
  • These are completely hidden from public view.
  • It might be a business networking meeting or a gathering of old friends dispersed around the room.
  • We work with you to set up and host you event so that it achieves it goals.
If you’d like to know more, call Liam Horan on +353 87 91 85 867. We can talk through your requirements with you and make it work. The technology works – that’s the big thing. It’s almost as good as the real thing. Maybe drop into a public event soon to get a feel for it. As we say above, most are free. Pull up a seat, get chatting.

Upcoming Public Events

Friday Live@3 – Public Info

You can read the publicity for this event HERE The key details you need to access the event Event name: Friday Live@3 Date and time: Every Friday at 3pm Where: On Zoom – just send an email to You will get an email within...

Oíche an Chlub & Success in Sport webinar – public info

Press release for the event: HERE On this page, you can read the key detail you need to access the event Event name: Oíche an Chlub & Success in Sport Webinar Date and time: Wednesday, November 18, 7-9pm Where: On Zoom (if you haven’t used...

Roscommon youths to discuss Mental health and substance misuse

Mental health and substance misuse will be among the topics discussed by delegates to the annual general meeting of the Roscommon youth county council on Friday next (November 13th) – and the event will be held online for the first time. Over 100 students from...

Your Private Events

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how you can use us for a private event.
If you are outside Ireland, please add your country’s dial code

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you turn on your camera. We recommend this as it helps to generate better conversation.

Yes, if you turn on your microphone. We recommend this as it helps to generate conversation – unless there is a specific reason you want to listen. But that might un-nerve others so make sure they are okay about that. You can message them, or the whole place, in a chat.

By default, we don’t record our events. If we plan to record an event, it will be made very clear to you beforehand and you can then decide to attend or not.

Only if you get express permission from us and if this is communicated clearly to all attendees beforehand.

It varies from event to event and will be clearly communicated to you beforehand. Public events tend to be free. Private events may be charged or the host companies / organisations may bear the cost. Again, all will be made clear beforehand.

Yes. And we are always happy to talk about this. The Horan Stand can be used for team meetings, club events, coffee breaks, music gigs, whatever. Talk to Liam. You’ll see him knocking around at most events or go through the contact details here on the site. He’ll also talk to you about promotional ideas and support if you require same.

It’s a place where up to six people meet. Only the people in a Room can hear what’s been said there.

The Stage is where the Presenter / Host talks to the whole Venue, including all Rooms. When the Presenter / Host speaks, everyone is forced to listen. The Presenter / Host may bring people up onto the Stage too.

Send a Chat message to the Presenter / Host saying you’d like to go up on the stage. When you’re there, the whole Venue will see you.

Yes. The Presenter / Host can do this. Or they can invite you onto the stage, and you can do it. Use the Share Screen button at the bottom of your screen when you’re on the stage. The whole Venue will see the PowerPoint. You can’t present a PowerPoint to one Room – it has to be to the whole Venue.

When the presenter/host is presenting, you will see the option to raise your hand in the bottom menu bar. This is now available, however, when you are in the smaller rooms/tables.